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Diversity, Equity,& Inclusion Commitment

As a company, we recognize the critical need for us to cultivate a diverse, equitable, and inclusive team and company to accomplish our mission.

We are deeply committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive team and community, and strive to create a culture in which diverse educators, leaders, and team members thrive. We know that integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into every level of our organization requires ongoing commitment and effort. We take seriously our responsibility to mitigate any injustices, and approach this work earnestly and humbly. 

How We Ensure Equity at Niyama Yogi Traveler

The following three areas highlight the actions Niyama Yogi Traveler is taking to realize our vision for wellness, inspiration, and community for every instructor and student:


1. Transformative Instruction

Inclusive Offerings: Niyama Yogi Traveler's sessions and workshops strive to be equitable, accessible, community-based, and healing-centered. We seek to create brave spaces where all participants feel their identities are honored and respected.

Diverse Teaching Team: We are committed to ensuring that our instructors hold diverse backgrounds and identities, and bring a wide range of relevant experiences to the communities we serve.

Cultural Appreciation: Niyama Yogi Traveler seeks to teach holistic and historically-grounded practices that enhance collective well-being. We acknowledge the many people, cultures, and practitioners who have shaped the practices we integrate into our teachings.

2. Inclusive Team Culture

Collaborative Team Meetings: Niyama Yogi Traveler strives to include all instructors' and staff's voices in relevant key decisions. Team meeting agendas are co-created and team members are invited to share feedback to help us fulfill our mission.

Focus on Belonging: Niyama Yogi Traveler recognizes that having a diverse core team is a critical aspect of accomplishing our mission. We respect the diverse worldviews, beliefs, and experiences of our team members, and strive to help every member of our team feel included, valued, and appreciated.


3. Equitable Hiring

Anti-Bias Hiring Approach: We work to alleviate the influence of bias on any hiring, firing, promotional, or other HR decisions. Our intentionally-designed hiring process strives to reduce bias in our job descriptions, interview processes, and performance tasks to provide all candidates an equal opportunity to succeed.

Diverse Candidate Pool: We practice legal, non-discriminatory hiring procedures and recruit a diverse set of applicants for job positions before beginning the interview process. Our goal is to identify candidates that represent a wide range of identities across race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, and body type.

"Just Human Resources" Approach: We do not make hiring, firing, promotion, or other HR decisions based upon any dimension of diversity, regardless of the impact it has on our diversity markers.

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