Niyama Yogi Traveler is here to help your team stay focused while managing stress and feeling their best! We offer yoga and meditation classes on-site, virtually, or via special hybrid options for offices, events, and conferences.

Free Yoga

Stress, anxiety, and mental health crises are at an all-time high. Providing resources for your team to stay mentally, physically, and emotionally fit is more important than ever. Our workshops are more than a powerpoint— we have designed engaging, interactive courses to inspire your team to embrace total mind and body health. 

Add a virtual well-being workshop at your conference or for your office team. From holistic nutrition to sleep secrets to how to build personal resilience with or without a yoga mat, Niyama Yogi Traveler looks forward to supporting you! 

Our current workshop offerings include: 

  • Positive Meditations and Affirmations

  • Mindfulness & Working with Stress 

  • Stop Struggling with your Mind: How to Use Meditation for Stress & Anxiety

  • Developing Inner Strength with Emotional Intelligence

  • Mind Setting, Intention Setting, & Goal Setting