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Our Promise to You

Yoga is a spiritual journey. It is for all shapes, colors, beliefs, and sizes. It goes beyond religion, race and borders. In fact, the classical yoga that originated in India over five thousand years ago was not merely physical poses, but an art of right living.

Yoga and meditation require personal, internal and intentional growth, which means your results are completely in your hands. However, we can promise you one thing.

We will be there every step of the way to lend you the mind, body, and spirit communal support you need. Your health is our first priority, and we will do what we can to make sure you’re in a much better place than you were when you first stepped on the mat.

Full Buddah


To serve and inspire others to overcome the obstacles they are facing on their life journey due to emotional trauma. We want to positively impact the life of every person we encounter, and encourage them to unlock the Divine-greatness they were born with through a yoga practice that is harmonious and intentional. 

Jayci Sadio, founder of Niyama Yogi Traveler and meditation teacher


As yoga teachers we provide a peaceful, inclusive space where our students can be compassionately guided in their yoga practice without the feeling of judgment or being held to societal expectations.

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